Creating a New Database

The server will not start unless there is at least one database available. If you are using the program for the first time you must create a new database. To create a database, select New Database from the Databases menu. Enter a name for the database and click OK. The name can be anything you wish such as the name of your winery. If the server is already running, it will need to be restarted in order to load the new database. You can create additional databases if required. Up to 10 databases can be created.

New Database

Starting the Server

To start the server, click Start Server from the Server menu or toolbar. If you have a firewall and it has not yet been configured, you will receive a warning such as the one below:

Firewall Warning

The above warning is from Zone Alarm firewall. If you use a different firewalll, the warning will be different. In order for Amphora Database Server to function you must click Allow. This will grant server permissions to the program. You should also select Remember this setting if you do not want the warning to appear every time you start the server.

Stopping the Server

To stop the server, click Stop Server from the Server menu or toolbar. When the server is stopped, any Amphora Wine Log installation will not be able to connect to the database.

Stopping the Server and Exiting the Program

To exit the program, click Exit from the Server menu or toolbar. The program will stop the server before shutting down.

Connecting to Amphora Database Server from Amphora Wine Log

Once the server has been set up and is running (see above), multiple Amphora Wine Log installations will be able to connect to the server. However, the server configuration must be set up first. In each Amphora Wine Log installation, go to Data - New Database Server in the menu.

First, enter a name for the server. This can be anything you like. Amphora Wine Log can connect to multiple servers and databases and so a name is required in order to differentiate them.

Next select the server type. Currently the only choice is "Amphora Database Server". However, in the future Amphora will likely be able to connect to other servers such as MySQL.

Next enter the server location. This is the IP address or name of the computer where Amphora Database Server has been installed. If Amphora Wine Log and Amphora Database Server are running on the same computer, the IP address will be or localhost. If Amphora Wine Log and Amphora Database Server are installed on different computers, the IP address of the server computer must be found. For example, on Windows, select Run from the Start menu. Type cmd to open a console. Then type ipconfig in the console window. After pressing enter, you will see your IP address. Enter this number in the server location field. Alternately, you an enter the name of your computer rather than the IP address. To find your computer name on Windows, go to the System panel in the control panel. Select the Computer Name tab. Your computer name is found beside Full Computer Name.

Finally enter the name of the database that you wish to connect to. This will be the same name that you entered in Creating a New Database at the top of this page. It is critical that these 2 names match exactly.

Server Setup

You can now test the connection by clicking Test Connection. Ensure that the server is running before testing the connection. If any errors are received, review the above setup information and ensure that the proper firewall permissions have been granted. The first time you attempt to connect you will likely receive a warning similar to the one below if your computer is protected by a firewall.

Firewall Warning

You must select Allow so that Amphora Wine Log can communicate with the server.

After the server attributes have been entered and the connection is successfull, click OK to save the server information. When Amphora Wine Log is restarted, the server name will be found under Data - Database Servers in the menu. Click the desired menu item in order to connect to the server.